Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cafe Jelinek

Here's another painting I did just a few months back.

I will be be featuring paintings of cafes up until my show in Vienna in May since I seem to be so busy with illustration work I can hardly get to painting anything else!! (I'm not complaining it does help pay the bills)

Speaking of Illustrations.... Here's a sample of the other things I do (little people are easier to paint than big ones)

This image was constructed entirely on the computer using parts of older illustrations in combination with a computer paint program. The world is changing!!


Blogger Jennifer McChristian said...

I love the diffused light and luscious paint strokes in the cafe painting. The use of soft and lost edges creates an enigmatic and dreamy feeling.
The 'globe' illustration is a delight!
It must be advantageous to be so versatile.
I wish you much success with the preparation for your Vienna show. I look forward to seeing the 'cafe' series!

12:41 AM  
Blogger andrew said...

Thanks Jennifer.

I appreciate your comments. I really like your work a lot too and it is always great to get encouragement from other artists like yourself.

Cheers.... Andrew Judd

9:36 AM  

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