Friday, October 19, 2007

A Great Trip... a Great art Exhibition.. and Great memories!

I"ve been soooo busy over the last month I haven't even had time to post here!
Here are some Paintings done during my stay in Austria in the Wachau region,
This first one I decided to show the painting and a photo I took of the scene I painted so you can compare the two.

You can see my painting is an impression of the scene... not getting too literal or photographic. There is nothing like painting from life to hone the skill of putting information down quickly without fussing around too much.

Here are some more paintings from the same area.
I really enjoyed painting alongside Stefan Nuetzel and his students!


Blogger Slim Johnson said...

Very beautiful work!! Steve

10:32 AM  
Blogger ANDREW JUDD said...

Hi Steve.
Thanks... It was a treat painting with Stefan on this workshop. We were both teaching so I learned from him too!

I think having more than one teacher in a workshop is interesting... the students can see different approaches to the same subject,

Cheers.... Andrew

4:10 AM  
Blogger Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Andrew,
as you know the first one is really my favourite.

The week was such a great experience and like you said, we learned so much. I am looking forward doing a workshop with you again.

Cheers from Vienna...Nue!

12:08 AM  
Blogger Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Andrew,

Glad to hear the workshop with Stefan was an enjoyable and successful experience.

I like the way you kept things simple and refrained from fussing with detail. Beautiful use of edges, rich color and lively brushstrokes.

12:11 AM  
Blogger ANDREW JUDD said...

Hi Nue.
We really did have fun didn't we?
Painting through the day and watching Richard Schmid dvds at night was an inspiring and rewarding experience.
We will do this many times I hope!
Cheers... Andrew

4:17 AM  
Blogger ANDREW JUDD said...

Thanks Jennifer.
I hope we will have a chance to paint together sometime. I could learn a lot from you. Maybe when you do a workshop again.

Cheers.... Andrew

4:20 AM  
Blogger Robin Neudorfer said...

Andrew, it looks like you had a wonderful workshop. I love the top painting as it reminds me so much of that region.

6:31 PM  
Blogger ANDREW JUDD said...

Hi Robin.
Thanks ... we had a great workshop and you are right this is a beautiful part of the world. It seems there is a possible painting at every turn of the road

Cheers.... Andrew

8:02 PM  
Blogger Larry Bates said...


Wonderful pleine aire. I like the top one, has a nice warm feel to it.


9:27 AM  

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