Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tube Entrance

This is my version of the station Stefan and I painted together this past fall. We had a blast that day painting in the sun.

See his painting at.......


    Monday, December 03, 2007

    Okay ... I've been busy!!!

    All my friends are complaining I haven't posted in a while or kept in touch.

    This is all my fault I admit but I have been productive. I fell behind my deadline to get the studio completed because one of the guys doing the drywall decided to go missing for a month!!! Imagine.... I was ready to call the police or hospitals to see if he'd met some tragic accident but as it happens he found a better paying job! Of course... that was easy... I am working on a tight budget. Anyhow between that and getting ready for the art tour in our neighborhood this had been a busy few weeks.
    Some of my friends are still talking to me so that's good! Those who aren't ... well I won't need to buy as many Christmas gifts so that's not a bad thing.

    I had a great art show and the money I made will help pay for my studio renovations. I can't wait to start painting instead of hammering!

    Here are a few images to look at till I can get my act together to post some images that were shown at the studio tour.